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Walkera QR X350 Quadcopter, Best Real DollsProduct Rating: | 3.9 Stars
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Manufacturer: MECO
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The Walkera QR x350 is a solid starter quadcopter and getting used to the controls can take time, when you first give it some juice it could be slow to get moving then will suddenly launch off in the intended direction.

When you commence flying this quadcopter, make sure you then have a wide open space with a new preferably soft landing material (grass). Its SAFE technology is a great idea, it's like an invisible fence to help keep the quadcopter away from your operator, considering the spinning propellers, it is a great idea.

As a platform for aerial video it serves alright but not as stable as a few of the better quadcopters on other models. Something that really helps with this is a brushless gimbal of which not many are made for this quadcopter.

An advantage of the Walkera QR X350 will be that it’s literally ready to start snapping pix or video as soon as you lift the unit out from the box. Attach the landing equipment and props, juice up the battery and anticipate all the shooting time as the battery pack allows (according to Walkera, that’s around 10 minutes) ahead of bringing her home and flipping out the battery for just a freshly charged one. The multi-rotor craft hovers nicely in order to frame up your image promptly and once you get the hang on the experience, use the craft to venture into every type of aerial photo, video and FPV adventures that could give you access to many techniques from unique views of sporting events to real estate investment ground assessments.

For what you receive, it is a bit overpriced yet it can be still reasonable for a good quadcopter of this size. It is very easy to prepare it for flight out from the box, basically just put on the propellers, attach the landing gear and replenish the battery. The user manual is pretty good so just be sure you do all the calibrations it tells you to before taking on the skies. The landing gear also is usually a bit bouncy so be sure you are gentile on the landings.

Overall the Walkera QR x350 is usually a really solid choice and the purchase price is right for what you receive and that's why it is on the list of the best quacopters.

The other thing this quadcopter permits you to do is fly FPV from your GoPro so you'll be able to see what the GoPro can. Some people like this and many don't as sometimes there might be a lag with the video feed.

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