Walkera Drones

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Advanced Technology, Unique Features

Walkera Drones – alien technology back engineered by the Chinese.Based in China, Walkera is one of the biggest and most accomplished aero-model designers and manufacturers in the world.

They have a large R&D; team committed to creating new innovations in Quadcopters, Personal Drones and remote control helicopters. We gathered a bunch of Walkera drone and quadcopter accessories below.These are great replacements for when your drone crashes and burns or great parts for do-it-yourselfers to draw from for inspiration.

Buy Walkera Drones Online

We’ve curated a bunch of Walkera Personal Drones from Amazon below. Clicking the link will take you to more information about the drone. We try to keep this list updated with the latest Walkera tech – and sometime we add other Walkera products that aren’t specifically drones if we think they’ll appeal to our visitors.

We focused more on Walkera drones than their large collection of remote control helicopters and airplanes. They make A LOT of cool toys and remote-contol gadgets.

What Are Walkera Drones

Walkera is a Chinese company headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Their drones are pretty stunning and are a nice alternative to DJI drones. The name Walkera stand for – “Walking in Era.” The company is one of the world’s premier maker of aero-models, dones and other cool flying technologies.

With the concept of “Walking in Era and Towing the Trend” [Walkera, right??], replying on its strong research & development ability, and manufacturing capacity, Guangzhou Walkera Technology CO., LTD. has become a professional aero-model manufacturer that unifies product research & development, production, marketing, and service. Walkera-branded series products harmoniously integrate together mechanics, electronics, software and aerodynamics.

Best High End Drones?

Walkera Personal Drones – Some of the Best High-End DronesWalkera Personal Drones

Walkera designs beautiful, high-end quadcopters and helicopters as well as cheaper, fun models that are great for beginners or as a present for your kids. Walkera’s quadcopters are comparable to DJI Phantom Drones.

Their form-factor is similar – slick white porcelain like body – and they share many of the same advanced drone features like GPS functionality, fail safe return to home, and control and imaging from an iOS device. But Walkera has a MUCH greater range of drones they make that DJI Phantom.

They have a huge line of helicopter drones in addition to three different sizes of quadcopters. From small insect like drones to full size units with GoPro camera mounts.

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