Syma X11C RC Quadcopter with Camera & LED Lights – White

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Syma X11C RC Quadcopter 2

Syma X11C RC Quadcopter 2 is one of the Best Micro Quadcopter you can use indoor. The drone is safe, quiet and very user friendly. With the help of its flexible guard, you can ‘bounce’ off obstacles and still remain in control, its rubber feet is designed to make soft impact when landing on a hard floor. This Micro Quadcopter is capable of turning 360 degrees on its Axis without any noticeable deviation in height, the Yaw rate might not be the fastest there is, but it is very controllable.

Syma X11RC Features:
  • Build Quality: Syma X11C is made of durable plastic, and can sustain most wall and floor crashes from a very high distance. The gadget's motor covers are almost transparent, so you can see through the tiny motors from its covers. With the little led lights placed downside of the quadcopter, you will surely enjoy flying at night.
  • Battery: The Syma X11C is powered by Lithium Polymer battery (Li-Po) that perfectly fits its compartment with the voltage of 3.7V and 250mAh. Within 50-60 minutes the drone's battery gets fully charged, and sometimes it takes just about 35 minutes. Flying the device without camera recording gave a flight time of about 9+ minutes.
  • Propellers and Protectors: Syma X11C RC Quadcopter 2 propellers are quite similar to the Syma X5c; they both have a tiny screw on top which makes replacement easy. The new drone package box contains four replacement propellers, just in case you need them. Do not panic about damaging the propellers as they have a protector which has been pre-installed to the quad, it has four little pillars which stops the blades from hitting the ground.
  • Controller/Transmitter: Syma X11C's transmitter is equipped with 4 AA batteries. The controller comes in white color with all buttons in red and it’s really easy to use.
  • Camera: The X11C comes with a 2MP camera and it's really good at taking shots and recording videos in HD. The quadcopter is packed with a 4GB micro SD card making storing your recorded clips and captured moments a lot easy.
  • Spare Parts: The Syma X11C spare parts can be eaily gotten from Gearbest and symatoystore at a very reasonable price.

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