Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Sumo Khaki/Brown

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Manufacturer: Parrot Inc.
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This robotic toy will let you perform acrobatics like never before! The 3-Parrot MiniDrone is very easy to learn and use and takes robot fun to a completely new level.

Don’t worry about setting up a wi-fi connection as it automatically generates it’s own connection to your tablet or phone. However, you must start the FreeFlight 3 app in order to connect.

You can watch from the Jumping Sumo’s view via the 640x480 pixel wide angle camera. Stream or save your photos and videos directly to your tablet or phone. You can even save them to a USB flash drive so you can take your amazing footage with you.

Experience the ability to jump vertically and horizontally up to 2.5 feet high. The Parrot can also roll at up to 2 m/s and can turn 90 degrees and 180 degrees in no time flat!

Parrot Jumping Mini Drone Features

• Can jump more than 2.5 feet and will always fall back on its wheels. • Directional stability and the ability to fly straight and make extreme turns. • Control it from your tablet or smartphone via Wi-fi with the FreeFlight 3 app. • Perform amazing turns, spins and jumps! • Wide angled camera ensures live streaming with amazing views. • Program a sequence of tricks (with sound) via the road plan mode. • Flight times up to 20 minutes. • Rechargeable and removable lithium battery (fully charge in 1 hour). • Equipped with gyroscope and high-speed processor. • Flashing LED lights and sound. • Range of stickers included for personalizing your minidrone. • Ability to program your own animations.

The Parrot-3 might be small but it’s personality is less than lacking. The wheels are adjustable and can be altered based on your experience level. The design is sturdy and shock-proof allowing you to maneuver, jump, roll, and spin without worry of damage; it always lands on its wheels no matter what you do.

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