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Not all personal drones cost thousands of dollars like Walkera and DJI Phantom Drones. There are a number of companies making inexpensive personal drones that fly well, do some cool tricks and take photos.

Inexpensive drones don't have some of the more advanced features of their costlier counterparts - like GPS positioning or high-res advanced cameras. But are great alternatives for people that don't want to spend as much money, want to learn to fly with a less expensive model, or want to get a drone for their kids.

We collected a wide variety of inexpensive personal drones below from Amazon. You'll see companies that make a wide variety like Blade and Hubscan as well as companies like Dromida that make both inexpensive and higher end drones.

All the drones below cost less than $200.

Inexpensive Personal Drones from Amazon

Below you'll find most of the inexpensive personal drones available on Amazon. Just click on the drone to find out more information about it. As we said above, each of these drones costs less than $200. Enjoy this great selection.

Cheerson Cx-10 Mini 2.4g 4ch 6 Axis LED Rc Quadcopter Airplane Blue
Price: $15.80
5 new from $15.780 used
SYMA X12 Black 4CH 2.4G Nano Quadcopter
Price: $22.28
You save: $2.71 (11 %)
4 new from $22.280 used
SYMA X12S Green 4CH 2.4G Nano Quadcopter
Price: $20.95
You save: $0.01 ( %)
7 new from $20.950 used

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