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Hubsan X4 H107 QuadCopter, Best Real DollsProduct Rating: | 3.6 Stars
Total Number of Reviews: 86 | View All Reviews
Manufacturer: HUBSAN
Recommended Retail: $69.90

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The Hubsan X4 H107D is a wonderful drone that gives you the actual feel of flying a quadcopter without clearing your bank account. Add the cheaper crash pack and you'll practice without worrying about replacing a rotor from time to time.

The crash pack includes the latest shell, four rubber feet, two engines, two LEDs, some spare prop sets and a spare battery. Among the world’s most basic customer quadcopters, you can utilize the palm-sized X4 H107D both outside and inside. Take extra care if the day is windy though; regardless of its six-axis stabilizer system, this lightweight drone will drift down course in higher winds. And also remember, a smaller craft is a little more sensitive, so you need less gusto on the the controls. Almost ready to fly, the X4 H107D requires just a few calibrations of unmanned aerial techniques.

The package includes a protection ring, popularly known as a hull. The hull is extremely usefull, most especially while you are learning to fly, as it protects the craft and anything, or any person, close by. However, unlike various other drones, the propellers have to be removed before installing the hull.

Once the X4 H107D is able to go, 720 x 240p video is streamed towards the full-size transmitter’s built-in, 4.3–inch, LCD display screen. You can use the transmitter’s regulates to pilot this plane whilst you view it.

However, flying it from the first-person-view (FPV) video on your transmitter screen is a good idea as a drone this small can easily disappear from view. The features on the X4 H107D are easy to control and require very little knowledge. Excellent information and support can be found through the online stores where they sell this quadcopter drone.

Its exceptionally small size and its feature-packed, Hubsan X4 H107D is really a solid value for beginning flyers. It’s an exciting and easy way to discover how to pilot a quadcopter and improve your skills before moving forward to a more expensive style.

Hubsan have chosen an interesting path of their video system, and deliver something of pretend HD, the nominal resolution with the video is claimed to be 720x480 pixels, the build-in DVR on the other hand record 720x240 pixels video.

All in all, this is a good personal drone at a good price. A nice entry level model.

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