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Dromida prides itself on making personal drones and quadcopters that are easy to fly and hard to break. They are not as technically advanced as something like a DJI Phantom Drone, but they make a great starter drone, or a personal drone for younger pilots. They are specifically made for beginners and can be flown both inside and outside.

That said, they are micro drones - very small - as you can see from the video below. They are significantly smaller than DJI Phantom Drones but also significantly cheaper. We love the small size and think these micro drones are pretty cool.

When you purchase a Dromida Quadcopter, the drone comes assembled right out of the box so you can fly it immediately. They even come with extra blades and all the batteries you need. This is great if you're getting one for kids or as a gift.

Dromida Auto-Flip Drones

The remotes have an "auto-flip" button which is a cool feature of Dromida drones. Just hit the button and the drone flips over 360 degrees.

Another nice thing about Dromida drones is that they have LED lights on them - similar to more expensive quadcopters - which make the drone easy to track in dark conditions.

They are missing many of the advanced features of more expensive drones but are still good quality lower price drones and fun to pilot.  The Dromida Ominus - pictured to the right - is their most popular model of personal drone. You can see it has over 130 reviews on Amazon with 4 stars. This is a GREAT consumer drone.

Three Dromida Personal Drones

There are three different Dromida personal drones: the Ominus, the Ominus FPV, and the Kodo.  You can check them all out below.

The Kodo

"You can pay two — even three — times more for a camera-equipped quad if you want to. But why would you do that when you can have the KODO for just $59.99? It's as complete as any ready-to-fly quad out there, shoots crystal-clear photos and videos, does flips at the touch of a button and measures just 90 mm (3.5 inches) diagonally."

Amazon: Dromida Kodo UAV Quadcopter RTF with Camera

The Ominus

"Crash it, bash it, smash it, trash it, and watch it come back for more. The Ominus is the unstoppable robotic menace of other quad's worst nightmares, but it will fly like a dream for you. Gyro stabilization, four flight modes, high-powered motors, intense LEDs—it's all here to help you get the most out of every flight."

Amazon: Dromida Ominus UAV Quadcopter RTF, Red/White

Featured Dromida Personal Drones

Here are a number of Dromida personal drones and quadcopters from Amazon.  They also make a number of remote control cars and other vehicles.  You can see Dromida's full line at their website -

Dromida Personal Drone Videos

Here's a great video review of the Dromida Kodo from one of our favorite RC Flying enthusiasts - Flyin' Ryan.

The Ominus is a great mid-size, inexpensive - but strong and well-built - personal drone. Here's a cool video review of this drone from Flyin' Ryan, right out of the box!

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