Welcome to Personal Drone Shop where we review the newest and baddest personal drones, quadcopters, advanced RC equipment, drone accessories and offer easy ways to purchase personal drones online at great prices. 

Advanced consumer imaging drones utilize the latest GPS technology, aerial engineering and high tech remote control cameras to create personal robots that go well beyond the realm of toys and playthings.

Personal drones are a way for amateur film and camera buffs to get aerial photos and videos that once only Hollywood cinematographers could wrangle. And as the video on our site testify, you can get some amazing shots with a personal drone equipped with a GoPro camera mounted to the bottom.

We review all price ranges and difficulty levels of personal drones and quadcopters. You'll find Walkera, DJI Phantom, Dromida and more.

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The Best Personal Drones and Quadcopters

We look at a lot of personal drones and quadcopters. The four above are our current pics for the best entry-level personal drones on the markets. They are all very good quality by the top consumer drone manufacturers. We try to keep it up to date as new drones and models come out. Be sure to check back! Also - let us know if you have a good drone or quadcopter for us to look at, we're always on the look out for the latest models.

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Here are the latest articles on our blog. If you want to see all the articles - click here for all the articles at Personal Drone Shop.

Personal Drone Shop | DJI Phantom Drones

DJI Phantom Drones DJI makes amazing personal drones and quadcopters for consumers. They are consistently rated the best in the field. If you're looking for a drone, you've probably seen or heard of them of before. If you haven't check out their latest - the Phantom III advanced personal quadcopter. It's got ALL the bells and whistles and many you've never heard of before.

Our favorite features surround their GPS location capabilities. It will fly itself so you can concentrate on getting amazing HD footage. We love what DJI has brought to the personal drone table so far, and we can't wait to see what they bring in the future. Click here to see all our: DJI Phantom Drones and Quadcopters.

Personal Drone Shop | Walkera Drones

Walkera Personal Drone Store While DJI is usually considered the top personal drones manufacturer - Walkera has been giving them a run for their money. With each consecutive model release, Walker drones get better and better. AND one thing we love is that they are one of the few major personal drone makers that are putting out Hexacopter drones. As the name implies, Hexacopter drones have 6 propellers instead of the traditional four found on quadcopters.

Click here to visit our Walkera Drone page.
Parrot Drones at Personal Drone Shop

Personal Drone Shop | Parrot Personal Drones

If DJI is known as the company that makes the most advanced consumer quad copters on the market then parrot drones is known as the company that is consistently bringing innovation and new ideas to the market. They have personal drones that fly, personal drones that role and hybrid drones that do both. And the best thing of all is they are not that expensive.

Parrot is a French drone manufacturer and definitely a company to check out if you're looking for a fun mid range drone or futuristic remote control toy to play with. Click here to see all out Parrot Personal Drones and Quadcopters

Personal Drone Shop | Hubsan Quadcopters

Personal Drone Shop | Hubsan Quadcopters

Hubsan makes inexpensive, but decent quality mini drones that make great gifts. Are fun to fly indoors, or at the office, or at the party. Fun little quadcopters for people that don't need all the bells and whistles, but just want to pull out a small personal drone for the joy of flying.

Click here to see more Hubsan Quadcopters, or click here to see a host of inexpensive personal drones and quadcopters.

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We review the latest and best Quadcopters and Personal Drones. We have a Walkera, 2 hubsans and a little Parrot that rolls around the office startling our clients.

We're always looking at the latest innovations in drone and quadcopter technology. Be sure to check back!

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