The Best Drones & Quadcopters

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Welcome to Personal Drones Shop.  We curate and review the best drones and quadcopters in the world.  We save people money on the hottest competition drones, camera drones, battle drones, easy to fly drones and more by curating all the best personal drones in one easy to use website.   

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Newest Drones & Quadcopters

DJI Drones

We love DJI Drones.  They are consistently rated as the best consumer drones on the market. Their DJI Phantom line has been an innovator in both fly-ability and bringing new features to the market.

Especially impressive is how their drones take advantage of GPS tracking so that you can monitor the camera and focus on getting great footage while the drone basically flies itself.

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Dromida Drones

Dromida Drones are great beginners drones to get you started without having to layout a bunch of money. Dromida prides itself on making personal drones and quadcopters that are easy to fly and hard to break.

These drones are not as technically advanced as something like a DJI Phantom Drone, but they make a great starter drone, or a personal drone for younger pilots. They are specifically made for beginners and can be flown both inside and outside.

Holy Stone Drones

Great for people that aren’t quite ready to invest in a DJI or Walkera drone, holy stone drones are great little quadcopters with enough features to make them worthwhile.

Holy Stone drones brings a lot of different products to the table.

They have four lines. . .Beginners Drones, FPV drones, Big Dues, and Racers.  We have a wide selection here for you to check out.

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Parrot Drones

Parrot makes cool mid-range rolling, flying and hybrid drones as well as some pretty cool forward-thinking tech gadgets.

Their main flying drones are called the bebop and the AR Drone. They are a lot more toy looking than Walkera and DJI Phantom drones, but don’t let their bright colors and ease of assembly fool you. They fly great and are well designed.

These are great little machines with a cool app and a price tag that makes them much more affordable than their bigger brothers.

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Walkera Drones

Walkera is a Chinese company headquartered in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Their drones are pretty stunning and are a nice alternative to DJI drones.

The name Walkera stands for – “Walking in Era.” The company is one of the world’s premier maker of aero-models, dones and other cool flying technologies.

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Yuneec Drones

Yuneec knows flying. Founded in 1999 in Hong Kong, the company is a leader in electric aviation. They have a number of firsts and patents in making manually and remote controlled electric planes.

They started by making remote-controlled airplanes for the more hardcore, model-makers. They moved into making emergency vehicles for Fire & Rescue, Coast Guards and various Law Enforcement agencies.

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